Manage your claim details from anywhere !

With a fully functional cloud based claims management system, as well as more to the point, mobile friendly versions of Virtual Claims Adjuster, you can quickly access or update file details from your desk or from the field.

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Why Choose VCA as Your Claim Management System?

As the industry leaders in file management software systems for over a decade, Virtual Claims Adjuster has been providing secure on-line claims software to a broad range of clients worldwide. We have a lasting commitment to providing our clients with an evolving product to meet their individual file management needs of today and tomorrow. Virtual Claims Adjusters robust feature set ensures cost effectiveness, innovative and efficient on-line claim management. It’s a complete file management system.

The first part of providing any technical assistance to a company is to ensure that you understand what they do in their day to day business. After all, how can you help solve someone’s business problems, if you don’t have a solid understanding of what they do? Our experience in the claims management industry and continued industry research, in conjunction with direct client feedback ensures that our file management system, Virtual Claims Adjuster, remains current. All product enhancements are completed on a regular basis in house by our IT team ensuring Virtual Claims Adjuster’s tools remain cutting edge keeping our clients in the forefront of their industry.

Take Control Of Your Business

claim management system
Every day organizations like yourself make the decision to take control of their business.

Our team of Claims Management Specialists have real world experience and can help you understand the value of Virtual Claims Adjuster and how it can positively affect your company.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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