Our Flagship Product

Virtual Claims Adjuster is a web based claims management system which was built with you in mind. The system was designed using the latest software development techniques and interface methodologies to ensure that it is able to be easily implemented into your offices.

claims management systemOur years of experience in both the claims industry as well as various other areas of business have proven that paper based offices just cannot compete with the efficiency or accuracy of an office employing a solid claims management system. Adjusting offices are all competing for a piece of the pie in the insurance industry, and that pie continues to shrink as companies make attempts to cut cost or provide a controlled level of service to their insured.

The focus behind VCA’s development was to create a system that allows users to become more efficient and offer a higher level of quality. This allows you to offer more to your clients than your competition. It helps offices compete on a level playing field by allowing you to manage your company like a multimillion dollar corporation; forecast future work based on your marketing efforts and past trends; automate processes to raise your quality standards, and offer cutting edge services to your clients.